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Venue: Muson Centre, Lagos 

Date: April 14 & 15, 2023

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Africa's Biggest Revenue Summit

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At the Africa Revenue Summit (AFRES) sales and marketing leaders, experts, and C-level executives from across Africa will convene at the Muson Centre, VI Lagos, for two days of insightful, power-packed exposition to share valuable nuggets on sales strategy, sales leadership, sales enablement, and sales operations.

As always for the past five (5) years, Our attendees have walked away with personalised insights and detailed plans to create success within their organization. The conference offered expert advice, actionable insights, and tools needed to adapt faster and stay ahead of change.

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Africa Revenue Summit is the biggest revenue summit in Africa and it was formerly known as Sales Leadership Conference (SLC). It is an opportunity to rewind and restrategise how you and your organisation sell. You also have the opportunity to learn from the real-life experiences of thought leaders in various industries. This year’s AFRES is aimed at helping organisations excel and win no matter what it takes.

AFRES is more than a conference

Imagine a conference where you can learn, network and have fun, that is exactly how this year’s AFRES will be. There will be an award and dinner night for participants with lots of games and activities. Like the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

A setting where we would bring various people from different parts of Africa together. A chance to rub shoulders with the movers and shakers of big organisations, this something you don’t want to miss.

Meet the experts

With growing inflation hitting the world so hard, and the raising insecurities in most African states. How can Africa continue to thrive amidst these challenges and more? How have successful businesses continued to grow and scale revenue? In view of the current world affair, what are the market trends to look out for?

Join our great speakers with multiple experiences across different industries and verticals as they delve into the latest and greatest trends in sales and marketing, and network with peers for an unforgettable two-day experience.

Each year we are honored to welcome Africa’s sales and marketing best and brightest to the stage for cutting-edge, unforgettable presentations filled with proven to be effective strategies and tactics to help you and your organization win amidst challenges.

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AFRES 2023

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